Snowshoes rental


Walk long distances over snow with the help of snowshoes. What started thousands of years ago as an essential mode of winter transportation has evolved into a popular recreational activity. Venture out into the snowy landscape for a good winter exercise or as a social experience with friends and family. Want some tips and tricks? Wear warm, waterproof boots with your snowshoes. Trekking poles, also available through GeerGarage, help with balance and make crossing slopes easier. Avoid snowshoeing in the groomed ski tracks used by cross-country skiers (it’s good etiquette).

How to choose

Women’s snowshoes typically are better for those with a narrower gait. They may also be slightly lighter.

$15.00 first night

$7.00 / additional night

$100.00 refundable deposit

04/16/2024 to 04/19/2024
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