About Us

GeerGarage is the outdoor gear-sharing marketplace making our natural environment accessible to all, one rental at a time. Launched in Seattle in 2020, our community-driven technology matches local people with the specific equipment they need to get outside when adventure calls. Reducing waste, sharing support, and opening (out)doors drives our mission to get society prioritizing the planet.

Everyone should be able to enjoy our natural world. Unfortunately, climate change is set to destroy our environment irreversibly for future generations. So we started GeerGarage, to get society prioritizing the planet, one rental at a time.

The outdoors are for Every One!

The GeerGarage community is part of a movement to reconnect society with the value of our precious planet and those who share it.

The more people are able to experience the outdoors, the more folks will value and protect it – making us stronger in the fight against climate change.

Gear is expensive and sits unused. People want to explore outdoors but aren’t always prepared when conditions align. GeerGarage matches local explorers with others offering the specific equipment they need to get outside when adventure calls.

Affordable adventure awaits.

Accessible adventure awaits.

Our community is creating change. Here's how:

Reducing waste

Gear sits unused for most of its life. This is a waste of money and resources. Our community provides an accessible and sustainable alternative to purchasing new.

Sharing support

Outdoor recreation can require extensive knowledge and experience. We’re building a support hub dedicated to fostering community, inclusion and sharing between all.

Opening (out)doors

Buying new equipment isn’t just expensive – gear choices can be overwhelming too. GeerGarage provides great gear in a way that’s designed to reduce decision fatigue, and priced to remove financial barriers.